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Dec. 5th, 2010


Traveling Maddy

For the past few weeks we've had Traveling Maddy living with us! Except we already have a Maddie here so I decided her name was Squirt. Here's some stuff we did while Squirt was here.

See photos here.Collapse )

Have a great holiday season in California, Squirt! (And also, dear Meatbag, that had better be the only doll making her way to our house for the next year. NO NEW DOLLS. Got it?)

May. 15th, 2010


(no subject)

Holy cow, we haven't written in ages! Here's a short play by play of the last year when I was way too busy being way too awesome to post here.

1. Darcy changed her name to Kismet. She was okay with Darcy for a bit and then she started getting all butthurt about how it didn't suit her and blah blah blah. So now she is Kismet. And she doesn't seem to mind me calling her Kizzy.

2. The meatbag got another new doll for Christmas. At first she told us her name was Rebecca and that she was from about the same time period as Nellie. But then she donated all her clothes to Nellie and Samantha and she's been hanging out with us instead. We're not too sure about her just yet. The good news is she's nowhere near as cool as I am, so that's comforting.

3. Kismet brought with her a love of Star Trek. I still hold that Star Wars is better as it has chicks with guns fighting robots, and the only chick in Star Trek wears a skirt, never shoots anyone, and makes out with the alien dude in the elevator (although once she put on a midriff and almost stabbed the pilot in the face, so that's kind of great). But I gotta admit that Kirk is pretty awesome. There's nothing he can't solve either by shooting at it, kicking it in the face, or macking on it. That there is a true American hero. (Kismet likes the doctor better. This is because she, like Maddie, has Nerd Syndrome.)

4. The meatbag has another set of trips planned. I dunno if I get to go with her yet. I went with her to Texas awhile back, but it wasn't much fun and it smelled like cow. This is now the only thing Luna and I have in common. Cowpie tales.

5. Remember how I said Samantha got a new head awhile back? And Kismet got her head ripped off so her eyes could be switched out? I keep hearing rumors, guys. Rumors about ME. Seriously, I'm perfect just the way I am. If the meatbag rips my head off, I fully plan to take a hammer to her Playstation. That'll learn her.

Mar. 19th, 2009


(no subject)

It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea (and anyone out there who hasn't seen Animaniacs should be ASHAMED of yourselves).

Good idea: Fixing Darcy's wonky vision.
Bad idea: ... by RIPPING OFF HER HEAD AND REPLACING HER *EYES*! I had no idea the meatbag was such a sadist.

Good idea: Getting glasses for Maddie's wonky vision, finally.
Bad idea: Making her look like the four-eyed nerd she really is.
Worse idea: Making it even easier for her to tear through books and pester me to do the same.

Good idea: Buying me awesome new swag such as the new hot pink snowflake sweater that came in the mail today. Apparently it used to belong to some girl named Mia, but I rock this thing harder than she ever could.
Bad idea: Are you kidding? There is no downside to getting me swag.

Good idea: Discovering the meatbag's plans to travel and plotting to hide away in her suitcase.
Bad idea: What? I can't imagine anything could go wrong here.

Feb. 4th, 2009


(no subject)

Remember how I said we totally got out of new dollification this year?

Dreaming of a Late Christmas

Yeah, NO. We've got a new chick named Darcy. She looks a lot like this other girl I know named Otters but she wears big ugly purple glasses and I don't like her because new dolls bring nothing but suffering and bugnuts as proven by our last addition.

*sigh* How come one measly little Evie isn't enough for these people? We had an Evie and a Maddie and everything was working out great. :(

Jan. 10th, 2009


(no subject)

Maddie is some kind of awesome ninja. She told me today she found a doll in a box in another room. But the doll's all packed up and looking to be shipped OUT instead of coming here to join us.

Ha. I guess we got our Christmas after all - no new dolls!

Jan. 2nd, 2009


(no subject)

The meatbag disappeared over Christmas. Well, Luna disappeared over Christmas too but I wasn't worried about that. I figured she finally learned to make herself disappear. I was going to throw a party and everything.

Turns out the meatbag dragged Luna with her to Texas. I'd get mad about not being The Chosen One but, well. It's Texas. Land of the Cowpies. I'm kinda glad she took Luna instead.

They're both back now, and the meatbag's had her own Christmas, but we still haven't had ours. We finally gave up and changed out of our holiday fancy stuff back into regular clothes. She keeps telling us we'll have our own Christmas soon, but it was over two weeks ago now so I'm not buying it.

Plus, she spent way too long buying things on the computer yesterday and Maddie says she suspects we're getting another new doll for Christmas. That is not a Christmas present, people. That is some horrible form of punishment. She's already got me - she can't possibly get a doll any cooler than that (this has been proven with the arrival of Luna, who is at least 80% less cool than I am).

Oh, and in other news, Samantha's back with her new head. She's still a little floppy and still falls over sometimes, but she doesn't look like death warmed over anymore. Nellie's thrilled to have her back. I dunno what's so great about dressing all frilly and drinking tea, but oh well.

I have to go search the room for hidden Christmas presents now, just to make sure the meatbag isn't messing with us.

Nov. 26th, 2008


(no subject)

Meatbag put us in our holiday clothes today. Maddie's wearing her white sweater and blue skirt instead of her green dress. I got to wear my overalls again.

... Luna's wearing a sweater and blue Santa hat with an ugly paisley dress. I don't even know.

And Samantha disappeared today. I was ready to guess alien abduction or a fall off a cliff but Nellie straightened us out. I guess Meatbag got tired of Samantha flopping all over the place and looking like death warmed over, so she got her naked and shipped her off to the doll hospital. When Samantha comes back she'll look all shiny and new and not at all like a six year old squeezed the life out of her.

By the way, how terrifying is it that there's a hospital for dolls? I better not EVER find myself naked in a box being sent off there or I'll personally oversee Meatbag's messy demise.

Nov. 15th, 2008

Best Friends

(no subject)

Meatbag found Maddie's way old princess costume right before Halloween, but she never found my Catwoman costume. Maddie didn't wear her costume since I didn't have mine. We spent Halloween in our regular clothes, moping. Meatbag spent it drinking someone else's wine. Next year had better be an improvement over this one or we'll start attacking her ponies with Sharpies.

We had a pajama party today. Luna showed us everything she learned about Wikipedia.

Pajama Party

I don't think we'll ever get Nellie on the computer after this. She whimpered when I fired it up to write here.

And finally, we got the new Futurama movie a week ago. Maddie thought it was great, but that's because it was a giant Lord of the Dungeons and Dragons nerdfest. I watch Futurama for robots and spaceships and there were nowhere NEAR enough in the last movie. Come ON, the first movie had like a million spaceships and SOLID GOLD DEATH STARS. The other movies have been total letdowns after that.

Oh, but now Luna thinks there's wizards and centaurs in the future. We're not even going to bother correcting her cuz it takes too long and you can't change her mind anyhow. This is why we can't have nice things new dolls. They're bugnuts.

Oct. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

Meatbag has ruined my favorite holiday. We had *wicked awesome* costumes and Meatbag packed them away and put them in storage. The ONLY way she can make up for storing my Catwoman costume would be by making me a Joker costume and Meatbag fails at sewing.

(Also, shut up, Batman movies are NOT for nerds no matter what Maddie says. It's not my fault the movies have fast cars and explosions and purple pinstripe suits.)

Maddie had a new costume she was going to wear this year - it's all wenchy and medieval the way she likes - but that's in storage too. She's not as traumatized over it as I am but that's because she sucks at Halloween.

Luna's been spending all her time asking dumb questions about trick or treating. We tried to tell her about dressing up and getting candy from the neighbors. Then we ran out of Snickers bars on Thursday and she tried to walk next door and ask for new ones. Seriously, how do wizards even function when they're this bugnuts? Good thing they've got magic or they'd be getting run over by buses or something.

Finally, Meatbag's been spotted researching new dolls. Something about a "Sunny-Lee." We do not need a new doll in the house. Perhaps some duct tape and an axe will convince her of this.

I have to go watch cartoons and plot now.

Jun. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

Moving: we hate it.

The dolliegaggle had to move in batches, but finally we're all here. We don't get to have our bunk bed at the house, but Maddie and Luna and I get to share one of the shelves in the bookshelf. And Nellie's in the shelf above ours, so we still get to talk to her a lot. And the meatbag's doing a decent job of taking us out of the furniture and letting us run around.

Meatbag knew I was angry and liable to chew some holes in her pajamas, so she gave me some awesome extra grooming time. I am now the coolest no-longer-Jess doll on the block because I have awesome curly hair. Neener neener, I'm the greatest cuz I'm the only one here with curls. Well, Luna's hair curls at the end but as I might have mentioned before she is BUGNUTS CRAZY and doesn't count.

Finally, we got ourselves some new handmade swag. Luna got some armwarmers that matched her tights and I got a way loud shrug and matching headband. I love them but the meatbag says we can also sell them to get whole new bits of swag - including PJs. I haven't decided what to do yet.

We are SO HAPPY the move is over. Oh man. The next time meatbag moves, it better be because she married a gajillionaire toy collector.

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